Seismonaut is a digital agency that help our customers steer the digital landscape. We always apply a user-centric approach and we firmly believe in long lasting communities. 

Being an intern at Seismonaut was a dream come true. I was assigned on projects from day one and have in time internalised their user centric approach and Map - Create - Shape - Build model. After my internship ended they asked me to stay in a paid position as project assistant, while finishing my studies. 

Working at Seismonaut, I have given me excellent experience with carrying out client meetings, designing strategic concepts and working with tight deadlines. Furthermore, I have experience with doing talks on and training people in using Facebook, Twitter, Trip Advisor, Instagram and blogs - always with a heavy focus on creating good and relevant content to sustain long lasting relationships with the users. 



After I finished a semester at University of Greenwich in London as an exchange student, I stayed to do a short internship at the e-commerce company Brummels of London. The business didn't have a social media strategy, so I build that from the scratch including developing several creative content concepts based on a SWOT competitor analysis with a special focus on for reaching community influencers.