DR Partisan - a crowdsourced idea competition


Everyone in Denmark has to pay license to DR. This means that DR is also obliged to create diverse content that in turn is relevant to all groups of the public. It has always been a challenge for them to be relevant to young people, and so DR realized that they had to pick the brains of young people. 

DR Partisan was launched to crowdsource content ideas. Through an open idea competition on Facebook the fans voted for the best ideas and a selected jury chose the five winners. The five winners won 30,000 DKK worth of professional assistance to develop their idea and create a demo. Finally, the five winners got to present their ideas to the top managers at DR. Afterwards two of the five winner ideas has been put into production. 

I was hired to be the community manager of this new and daring experiment through an unusual hiring process - remember, this was back in 2010 when social media was still relatively new. Like many others, I submitted my application to their Facebook page and was called into an interview. After the interviews they chose 10 of us to compete for the job. The one with most votes by the end of the month, got the job. For a month I daily reached out to my entire network, I did happenings at my university, I distributed 5,000 campaign postcards with my name and picture on it and finally, I won the job. In charge of this project was Lars Silberbauer (now Global Director of Social Media at LEGO) and Susanna Rankenberg, who both were great mentors to me and inspired the path I would later go. 

For six months, I managed the Facebook page, the idea competition and created all the content. Some trolls critical of DR tried to sabotage the Facebook page, partly succeeding, which was frustrating but also gave me experience in how to handle trolls (and how not to!). I also created events at various educational institutions and bars where we invited the target group to brainstorm ideas with us and encourage them to submit them to our idea competition. I participated in all the winners' brainstorms facilitated by DR's competent people and at the end of the project Susanna and I wrote three reports, that I presented before the directors. 

This was the campaign material for DR Partisan. Unfortunately, the Facebook page no longer exists. 

This was the campaign material for DR Partisan. Unfortunately, the Facebook page no longer exists.