Headstart is a network for people based in Aarhus, who works with and are interested in social media and business. Headstart was founded by Seismonaut with support from Aarhus Municipality in 2009. The network has more than 2,000 members and is still growing. Throughout the year we create four morning seminars, each time with a new theme and invite national as well as international speakers. At each morning seminar we get a turn up in average of approx. 100 people. 

To give you a taste of what we do, here are the captions of the two most recent morning seminars: 

- Digital trends in 2015 with Peter Lund Ammentorp, creative director at AKQA Paris, and Morten Saxnæs, Digital Branding Manager at TV2 among others

- Win customers with a content strategy with Astrid Haug, social media expert and author, and Lasse Høgfeldt from the award winning platform among others

The aim of the network is to facilitate knowledge sharing in relation to social media and business, and to link students, professionals, and companies with each other. 

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After working on Headstart as a project assistent for half a year, I was named project lead in 2012. This means that I organize the morning seminars, including everything from theme, program, speakers, venue, marketing, and budget. 

I love the way the virtual and physical can intersect and enhance each other. In Headstart people often meet physically at the morning seminars, and if they have to contact each other again, they can easily find each other on our ning platform. For me personally, it is so great to meet so many devoted small business owners who understand that the digital is important and are coming to learn more about it. I love facilitating knowledge sharing!