Mejlgade for Mangfoldighed is an annual street party in May. On this day Mejlgade in Aarhus is converted to an exuberant cultural celebration where we celebrate the diversity of people, cultures and initiatives. We do this together by listening to new music, meeting new people and letting ourselves be inspired and challenged by others' cultural expressions. 

However, Mejlgade for Mangfoldighed is free and therefore, we need to raise funding. This can only be done through a strong communication strategy to mobilize funds. 

Myself and a fellow student will create a communication strategy with a special focus on social media and ambassadors. To execute the strategy we will have a team of volunteers to produce content for Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. 

I've just said yes to this project, so at the moment we are diving into creating a strategy and mobilizing funds.

The project will of course be updated later with more information.