I believe people want to be connected, and I (still) believe social media helps people to connect with each other. I believe NGOs, organizations and companies can use social media as mediums to create relationships with their customers. When both parties continues to benefit from the relationship, it can develop into a long lasting commitment.

Social media is not a new way of socializing. I believe it is an extension and enhancement of how we have always socialized. Social media do not replace hanging out physically or going to events - they support it. 

I believe good results derive from mapping the situation, the problem and the end users through interviews. observations and tools like touch point analysis. With those learnings in mind, I believe great ideas can emerge and then it is all about building and testing to produce the best possible outcome, which can be anything from a concept to a strategy to a product to a ... you name it.

I believe good content is authentic and real.  Content has to facilitate a 1-on-1 meeting between the user and a piece of greatness - whether that be a blog post, a curated playlist for your run, an app that generates a shopping list based on what you actually need right now, a car sharing service, or you name it. 

I believe in utility, inspiration, fun and togetherness. And it is all possible because we are connected.