SAMDATA is a union for IT specialists in Denmark. They - as many others - argue that Denmark is most competitive on knowledge and specialized skills. They also see a decline in people signing up for IT specialized degrees in educational institutions. One of the things they suggest will turn around this trend is to follow the example of Great Britain, and implement programming as a course in primary school. 

We created a conference called Program or be programmed that put focus on a generation that don't just need to learn how to swipe, but needs to understand the fundamental principles behind the services and devices they so seamlessly use in their everyday lives. We invited a handful of great keynote speakers from around the world, such as Raspberry Pi, BBC Learning, Coder Dojo and many more. 

The conference was targeted at teachers, IT professionals, and politicians. The program consisted of keynotes, panel discussions and workshops giving the participants inspiration and practical guidance. 


I was the lead of this project, meaning that I had the responsibility for the program, venue, speakers, participants, website, marketing materials and budget. HK/SAMDATA was in charge of distributing the marketing materials and inviting participants.