I live to explore the world I live in - everything from how digital technologies are changing a patient's experience at the hospital to reading a good book on a quiet afternoon to the pulsing city life of Hongkong to understanding how my husband thinks (the last bit is not easy I tell you!)

I grew up in the countryside of Denmark with green fields, lots of cute animals and plenty of work to do. My parents rarely stopped me from doing what I wanted, but they made sure that I saved up for the cost of it and worked hard to accomplish it. However, 20 years down the road my love for travelling has bankrupted me but my work ethics are as good as ever! 

I like to make decisions. As much as I love to work on teams (and God knows I don't work well without other human beings within a radius of 3 meters) I sometimes get impatient because I don't understand why we don't just do something about it! I often listen to my guts and go for it. Admitted, sometimes it gets me into trouble, but even though it is the most used phrase of our generation, I would much rather regret something I did than something I didn't do.